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Faline Clothing

Hi there, this is a Tumblr page for my store Faline Clothing. Faline features cute Disney inspired tshirts, plus some cute jewelery and some handmade hair bows! If you have any questions please use my ask button on here or email
Thank you!
Sep 10 '12









Her parents died in a rainstorm.

After seeing that last set a few months ago this is so different and really sad.

It’s even worse when you see all the adults’ reactions.

Because they know what she’s talking about. 

No wonder she attacked Mertle like that

Oh my God, the adults. I’m not sure if the two ladies know, but you can definitely see it in the faces of the teacher and drummers.

Oh wow I never realized that. I honestly thought she was just being random. I can definitely see why she would attack Mertle for that now.

This is one of the reasons why I’m so bugged when people say the only good Disney movies were the ones in the 90’s and beforehand. Seriously how deep is this?

Tumblr, stop breaking my heart…

wow just rip my heart from my chest and shit on it


Wow, I always thought it was just Lilo being a bit weird. Way to break my heart first thing in the morning Tumblr.

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